Power Engineering & Renewable Energy



Power Engineering Service Division

* Consultancy Services for Renewable Energy Systems, HomeBioGas.

* Power Engineering services: Generation, Transmission, Line and Distribution Engineering, Design, Installation & Maintenance; Power Transformer/Control and substation Installation and Erection

* Procurement of Transformers, Switch Gears, Capacitors, Arrestors, Fuses, Control Panel, etc

* Cathodic Protection System, Advertisement Billboards, Navigational Aids, Water Pumps for Irrigation, Instrumentation, Obstacle Lights for Various locations Along Voltage-Transmission Lines.

Design, Installation & Maintenance of Solar Back-Up, Hybrid and Stand-Alone for Homes, Offices, Street/Area Lightning Systems

* Communications:- Microwave transmitters and Receiver, Radio/Television Transmission and Reception, Ground Station VSAT, Remote Telephones

* Rural Electrification:- Home Lighting, Rural Electrification, Street and Area Lighting, Road Marking.

* Water Delivery:- Portable Water Supply, Crop Irrigation

* Industrial Application:- Construction Site Lighting, Cathodic Protection, Navigation Aids, Billboard Lighting.

Health Care – Solar energy is ideal for:

* Regional Hospital

* Rural Clinic

* Vaccine Refrigeration

* Mobile Clinic

* Dental Clinic

* Emergency Communication


Within the framework of power engineering services, we collaborate with reputable companies with hi-tech solutions in providing a range of services including power generation,
transmission, line and distribution engineering and equipment such as power transformers, controls and sub-station installation and erection among others.

* Rehabilitation design of existing power facility

* Circuit capacity upgrade and voltage

* Distribution line testing

* Inspection and evaluation of existing systems

* Complete sub-station design and construction

Consultancy services for:

– Contractor selection

– Bid evaluation

– Construction contract preparation, Inspection and Close-out

– Commissioning services

– Sub-station distribution protection and contingency analysis

– Load flows and short circuit

– Lighting protection and reliability improvement studies

– Power quality analysis and solutions

– System database revisions, studies, analysis, economic evaluation and development.

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